Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What information will I need to provide when registering to bid?

    There are a few things that you can bring with you that help us expedite the registration process.  In addition to Name, Address, Phone, and Email, we ask that you bring the following:

    1. We will need to make a copy of your driver's license or other state issued ID the day of the sale (required).
    2. If you are registering to bid by phone or absentee, you will need to make arrangements to fax/mail/deliver in person a legible copy of a state issued ID (required).
    3. Supply us with an active AQHA membership # (if you are already an AQHA member).  If you will be a new member, your new membership will be processed with your transfer report upon successful bid.
  • Do you charge a fee to pay by credit card?

    Yes.  The fee for using a credit or debit card to pay for any animals purchased in the sale will be 2% of the total invoice amount.  Other forms of payment include personal check, cashiers check, and cash.  As a non-profit sale, we offer credit card payments as convience to our buyers.  All of the proceeds from the sale go directly back into taking care of our animals for the next year.

  • Do you accept personal checks?

    Yes with a copy of a valid drivers license.  However, the AQHA transfer papers will be held until the check funds have cleared your account.  And 

  • What is a Buyer's Agent and how do they purchase a horse on my behalf?

    When an individual bids on your behalf that is called a buyers agent.  Legally, the title of the horse must pass to the person that is the signatory on the bidder registration form and must be paid for by the same individual.

    However, you may complete and sign a Authorized Bidders Agent and Bidder Registration Form to allow someone else to bid on and pay for a lot # on your behalf.  This form will need to be completed and notarized prior to the start of the auction.  Your agent will need to provide a copy of their drivers license when they check in to pick up your bidder #.